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There are many prominent transgender writers active on various fronts. These include memoirs, novels, fiction, nonfiction, science fiction, journalism, travel, history, sportswriters, screenwriters, comic books, and academic writings. They need to be celebrated for the valuable contributions they make to society and the arts.

A transgender writer brings a unique perspective to their craft obtained through their lived experience. Their voice brings the reality of their community to life for all to read about, be better informed, and gain an understanding of their milieu.

There are several transgender writer support organizations. These include the Trans Writers Union, Transjournalists, Trans Women Writers Collective, and the The Association of LGBTQ Journalists (NLGJA). Their goals are to improve conditions for the most marginalized writers in our community, create a point to gather around, pool knowledge, share opportunities, and keep one another safe in overtly or implicitly hostile industries.

Our list includes many award winners, with a particular grouping around the Lambda Literary Award. Popular writers include Great Britain's Jan Morris, Canada's Gwen Benaway, and America's Susan Stryker and Lana Wachowski, to name a few.

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