The World of LGBTQ Film and Video Animation

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Film and video game animation is a rapidly growing segment of the global entertainment industry. Advanced technology means these projects can be produced locally and exported internationally in many languages, increasing their popularity and investment returns. Just recently, Europe launched its first European Animation Awards. Innovations include 3-D production and motion capture technologies. Recent reports show the industry growing at a 14% global annual growth rate.

Only recently, however, is this genre evolving to include more LGBTQ characters and narratives in its content. This is being propelled by the success of a number of prominent LGBTQ participants in the industry itself.

Animation comes in many forms, including documentaries, shorts and feature length films, television shows, and video games. There is now an Academy Award classification for the genre, and several LGBTQ individuals have been honoured to be receipients. Most recently, Adrian Molina and Darla K. Anderson received the Academy Award for the animated film 'Coco' in 2018.

Film animation remains an opportunity for a new generation of filmmakers. Many are using online crowdfunding platforms to finance their works, such as kickstarter, gofundme, and indigogo. The previous lack of diversity is fueling this creative process as the community takes the initiative to fill the gap. Successful ventures include the highly successful global reception of 'In a Hearbeat' (2017) produced by filmmakers Beth David and Esteban Bravo with over 35 million YouTube views, and the film 'Arrival' (2013) by filmmaker Alex Myung.

We have identified several notable LGBTQ individuals in this fast-growing profession. Simply click on their names to read their fascinating biographies and links to their work.



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