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* [[Transgender Business Leaders]]
* [[Transgender Business Leaders]]
* [[Notable Transgender Writers]]
* [[Notable Transgender Writers]]
* [[Teachers of Creative Writing Who Identify as LGBTQ]]
==Further Reading/Research==
==Further Reading/Research==

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Academia is generally considered a professional field where issues such as gender identity are not thematized - that is, if an individual's research is of high quality, the profession generally does not care about the gender identity of the researcher or author. Having said that, there is a range of reported experiences depending on the faculty and institution of choice. The applied sciences such as chemistry, engineering or biology tend to be politically more conservative than the humanities or social sciences, especially the latter which also include sexual orientation within their specific curriculum.

Structural barriers remain for transgender academics, including access to medical care, services and insurance coverage. Many academics are unionized, and the transgender experience can vary greatly across institutions and unions. Transitioning during work presents particular challenges.

Similarly, there are extra challenges applying to job positions within the academic community for transgender individuals. Should one disclose their gender identity on the application, and if so how? Does this present a potential issue with enclosed letters of support? How does one approach the interview and campus visit and the potential of misgendering throughout the process? How does one promote previous research published under another name?

Indeed, an important issue for transgender academics who are in the process of transitioning or have recently transitioned is the name that they use in their research publications. It has been generally advised that an individual keep the same last name throughout their publishing career to maintain a consistent publications record, but this presents a particular challenge to a transgender individual.

As noted by many transgender academics themselves, the situation for transgender individuals in the world of academia will probably get better along with overall societal improvements with racial, educational and housing justice itself.

We have identified the following notable transgender academics from around the world. Many of them have written about their experiences as a transgender academic. Simply click on their name to read their fascinating biographies.




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Further Reading/Research

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