Chief of Staff Positions Held by LGBTQ Individuals

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The Chief of Staff of an organization is a Human Resources professional who works directly with the Chief Executive Officer, President, or other top leader to manage and motivate employees. The title is most often used within political structures, but we have also found LGBTQ Chief of Staff in large consulting firms, religious organizations, sports organizations, industry associations, and corporate organizations.

A successful Chief of Staff pays particular focus on productivity by streamlining strategic initiatives, overseeing program management, and communicating objectives to departments within the group or organizations. They will assist with business strategy, communications, program design, processes, and procedures. Most importantly, they serve as liason between all members of the organization.

Many LGBTQ individuals have held Chief of Staff positions in Prime Minister and Government Minister offices. Others have managed the offices of the wives of Presidents, including Michelle Obama and Dr Jill Biden. Eric Fanning of the United States held this top position in The Pentagon, and Great Britain's Mark Abrahams held the position in the Royal Air Force.

We have identified the following individuals who have acted as Chief of Staff in their organizations:




  • Jean-Marc Berthon, Office of the Minister Delegate to the Minister of the Interior,


Great Britain



United States

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