Noteworthy LGBTQ Individuals in the Accounting Profession

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Accounting does not usually get a good review when it comes to choice of profession as it is often seen as mundane and boring. However, these LGBTQ finance professionals beg to differ. They have excelled in their career and are now Chief Financial Officers of large corporations, politicians, activists, and more.

LGBTQ accountants starting off in their own practice provide tax and accounting services to members of the community. As such, they tend to become leaders within their local regions. Indeed, all of the large international accounting firms have been pioneers in advancing workplace equality for the LGBTQ community, and many of the individuals on this list have created and led their Employee Resource Groups. Nevertheless, there remains a hetero-normative bias in the accounting profession, and the study of sexuality in accounting beyond the topic of sexual discrimination and harassment is an ongoing process. Three research trajectories with example research questions include: (1) disrupting heteronormativity; (2) queering accounting organisations; (3) queer allies in accounting contexts (see research link below).

Many accounting and tax issues have been at the core of anti-discrimination activism. Most notable has been the fight to accord same-sex couples the same tax treatment as heterosexual couples, the filing of joint tax returns in such cases, and the fight to treat inheritance taxes in a similar fashion when a member of a same-sex couple passes away. There have been major advances on these fronts in most developed countries, with many thanks to the accounting profession.

Several individuals on this list have been world leaders within the LGBTQ community. Britain's Inga Beale is the first female Chief Executive Officer of Lloyds of London. Australia's Frank Costigan was a founder of the Out In Australia professional mentorship organizations. Isabella Segal has been a role model for the transgender business community.

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