Climate Change and Weather Experts from the LGBTQ Community

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Global climate change is one of the top issues facing the world today. It occurs when weather patterns are altered to the detriment of conditions required to sustain life as it exists today. Rising temperatures, extreme weather conditions, changing water levels, and a noticeable deterioration in the presence of wildlife and natural habitats are some of the outcomes to global climate change.

It has been argued that the LGBTQ community is ideally positioned to advocate and fight for those on the planet who have no voice but are quickly losing out in the face of climate change. This community has the experience of identifying allies necessary to develop the strategy required to make the changes to reverse the deterioration of the environment. Among the most vulnerable populations to climate change are the disadvantaged and marginalized, and much of the LGBTQ community lives that life.

Personal commitment to environmentalism is more pronounced in the U.S. LGBTQ community than in the heterosexual population, according to a 2010 Harris poll. Caring about climate change is often considered to be an essential part of the queer identity, which is opposed to the status quo on many progressive fronts. The LGBTQ community is built on caring and supporting each other and the environment in which we live. Life at the margins lived by many LGBTQ individuals places them at the frontlines of the environmental challenges presented by climate change.

There are a number of high profile LGBTQ individuals active on this issue around the world. There are also a number of LGBTQ groups created recently to rally the community for action on climate change. Queers For The Climate is one, as is Queers X Climate which was formed by Mexico's Diego de Leon Segovia, the Climate Advisor to the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Out 4 Sustainability's mission is to mobilize the LGBTQ community to preserve the planet's natural environments.

Being an activist on issues of climate change is often a subset of environmental activism. As such, it is important to read this commentary in conjunction with our commentary on LGBTQ Environmental Activists.

We have identified the following LGBTQ individuals active on the issue of climate change. Simply click on their names to read their fascinating biographies.




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