Government Finance Officials Who Have Identified as LGBTQ

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Finance is one of the most high profile and important departments in a government. It encompasses everything from budgeting to taxation, spending, economic development and overall government operations. Any individual with a high degree of responsibility in this position has a tremendous amount of respect in the domestic and global financial and political communities.

To have an LGBTQ individual in such a role signifies that the individual is financially competent and adept, and that such recognition stands regardless of their sexual orientation. Moreover, it also reflects a government itself that is highly competent in managing its assets and fiduciary responsibilities - a government which accepts diversity's strengths instead of forcing people to spend energy on hiding who they are and spending money on harassing and imprisoning minorities.

Similarly, global financial cooperatives such as the World Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, or the International Monetary Fund play key roles in coordinating financial policies between national governments. Policies within in each of these entities can help in creating productive financial systems based on tolerance and acceptance

The large majority of LGBTQ individuals in this profession have become Ministers of Finance in government. Notable among these is Norway's Per-Kristian Foss who went on to serve a short time as that country's Prime Minister, making him the first openly-gay head of state. Other notable individuals include America's Alexander Hamilton, that country's creator of its government financial operations, and Great Britain's exceptional economist John Maynard Keynes.

There have been few women to attain leadership positions in government finance. Australia's Penny Wong and Germany's Barbara Hendricks are the standouts here.

We have identified the following government finance officials who have identified as LGBTQ. Simply click on their names to read their fascinating biographies.





  • Barbara Hendricks, Parliamentary Secretary of State at the Federal Ministry of Finance

Great Britain


New Zealand


South Africa

The Netherlands

United States

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