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* [[Alim Dhanji]], Adidas
* [[Brian Rolfes]], McKinsey & Co.
* [[Brian Rolfes]], McKinsey & Co.

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Human Resource professionals are tasked with planning and implementing an organization's recruitment and training functions. To accomplish this, they must communicate with top management in developing strategic planning for the organization and how to execute on this. They help determine compensation, performance evaluation, growth strategies, and more.

As such, human resource professionals are critical players to a well-functioning modern company. As the front-line hiring staff, they are integral to defining, building and maintaining a corporate culture. It is a well researched fact the attitudes and behaviour of a company's employee base overall reflects the personality of the hiring team itself. As such, successful companies should have their senior management actively involved in the hiring process to ensure the long term preservation of a desired corporate culture.

Having LGBTQ representation in the hiring process, then, is critical to building a diverse, tolerant and equitable company. There must be visible representation of minorities in decision making roles across a company. Training workshops and symposiums should be implemented within an organization to increase awareness of these cultural attributes, and this is the responsibility of the human resource professional.

A 2017 research study at the University of Sussex (U.K.) revealed that female human resource professionals are more likely to hire an LGBTQ applicant for employment than male managers. Not surprisingly, many prominent LGBTQ human resource managers on this list are lesbian. Examples include American Lisa Brummel of Microsoft, Great Britain's Liz Bingham of Ernst & Young, Australia's Siobhan Martin of Mercer, American Deirdre O'Brien of Apple Computer, and Germany's Kerstin Pramberger of Deutsche Bank.

A number of LGBTQ entrepreneurs have made their mark in the use of social media and software apps in the hiring process.

An in-depth study of LGBTQ employment and participation in today's working world can be found in the best-selling book A Path to Diversity: LGBTQ Participation in the Working World (2017). You can purchase the book HERE or the ebook edition HERE.

We have found the following prominent human resource professionals who identify as LGBTQ. Simply click on their names to read their fascinating biographies.





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