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* [[LGBTQ Engineers]]
* [[LGBTQ Engineers]]
* [[LGBTQ Inventors]]
* [[LGBTQ Inventors]]
* [[Software Programmers and Developers From the LGBTQ Community]]
==Further Reading/Research==
==Further Reading/Research==

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The biggest growth business in the developed world today is the technology industry. A good representation of the LGBTQ community in this industry is important and reflects the community's capability to participate on an equal basis with all others without discrimination.

Several LGBTQ organizations have been created to help ensure the community's participation: StartOut helps entrepreneurs to start their own business while also working to end discrimination in the technology industry through established member chapters around the world; Lesbians Who Tech is a group specifically for the Lesbian community, also through a chapter organization; and Out in Tech is a social networking agency encouraging internships and training in the sector.

Many established technology firms have in-house LGBTQ networking groups. As well, there are conferences and symposiums on a regular basis which cater specifically to the LGBTQ entrepreneurial community.

The largest of today's technology companies were started with the active participation of LGBTQ individuals. Ric Weiland was a co-founder of Microsoft, while Chris Hughes was a co-founder of Facebook. Many smaller firms started by LGBTQ communities have also been successful.

We have identified the following individuals who are successful technology entrepreneurs. To read their fascinating biographies, simply click on their names.



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Further Reading/Research

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