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An inventor is someone who creates a previously unknown device or process. The product or procedure is often considered transformative or revolutionary in its application, at times even changing the course of history.

Most people consider inventions in the realm of science, and indeed many of the LGBTQ inventors on our list have been particularly active in the field of computer science. Well known inventors are particularly prominent in medicine and engineering. The profession is led by Great Britain's Sir Francis Bacon who is considered the father of modern science, though Italy's Leonardo Da Vinci preceded him. However, there have also been great inventors in the areas of photography, fashion, and art forms.

LGBTQ inventors have had a remarkable impact on society. The process of invention involves a great degree of imagination and creativity, and the LGBTQ community is particularly exceptional with these talents. A good example of this impact is Alan Emtage from Barbados, creator of the world's first internet search engine called Archie.

The list also includes America's George Washington Carver who invented peanut butter, Great Britain's Alan Turing who invented the computer process and Sophie Wilson who invented video architecture, and Brazil's Alberto Santos-Dumont who invented various types of airplanes. There have been several prominent transgender inventors throughout history.

We have identified the following LGBTQ individuals who are noted as inventors. Simply click on their name to read their fascinating biographies.


  • Alan Emtage, creator of Archie, the world's first internet search engine





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