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Creating a perfume is a complex process that is part artistic, part scientific requiring the expertise of a chemist. A variety of fragrance ingredients must be combined to create unique smell that is attractive to the wearer and those in contact with them. It is an historical profession that has been passed on through generations of experts. A successful perfumer requires a vast knowledge of chemicals and scents and ability to combine them into unique fragrances.

It has been asked if there is a unique queer perfume for the LGBTQ community. Many perfumers answer yes and argue that it consists of scents that are unisex in nature and appeal. Today's highly rated perfumes have moved well beyond gender binaries. Today, there is both a mainstream fragrance industry represented by dominating global giants, and Indie perfumers catering to local and select markets - many successful LGBTQ perfumers are in the latter category.

Many notable LGBTQ perfumers hail from the fashion industry. Perfumers such as Pierre Balmain, Yves Saint Laurent, and Pierre Cardin have made their mark in several areas including clothing, accessories, and jewellery. The first notably successful woman in the perfume industry was French lesbian Germaine Cellier.

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