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Jewellery design is having a moment right now. The economy is doing well, materials prices have lowered, and individuals are taking the initiative to design unique accessories for all levels of consumers. Designing jewellery is a creative process that begins as an inspiration, combining the basic materials (gems, metals, and so on) with artistic flair. As a specialized craft, an understanding of the materials and how they work on the wearer are the fundamentals of designing jewellery.

Jewellery is usually designed for an occasion, whether formal or informal. Buying and wearing jewellery is an emotional experience. It is usually the desires of the individual that dictate the design process. Many designs are created around the core material such as precious gems or metals that are rare or unique. The individual's budget or taste then determines the design. The process involves creating a technical sketch, modelling it with computer-aided design (CAD) software and selecting the materials. Production then follows with a 3-D prototype.

The LGBTQ community itself can have unique needs. For example, American designer David Spada became an overnight success when he designed the Freedom Ring to commemorate the 1991 Gay Freedom Day Parade. With the progress of equal right to marriage around the world, an entire new category of jewellery design has grown to meet the demands of engaged and marrying LGBTQ couples. More individuals are expressing their Pride through jewellery and many retailers specialize in this niche market.

Well known fashion designers expand their product line with jewellery and accessories. France's Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, and Germany's Wolfgang Joop are examples of this. Celebrities also take advantage of their following and enter the market.

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