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A blog is an online journal or series of informational postings available to a community with a specific interest in the topic. It is intended to encourage conversation and debate within that community, and to disseminate relevant information to its participants. The topics of interest can be personal, business, political, religious, artistic, culture, travel, health, fitness, or a host of others. The blogger's attempt is to connect with an audience with an aim of developing a sphere of influence and build a position of respected authority on the topic.

Through the use of technology, blogs allow individuals who would not normally have an opportunity to participate in discussion on the specific topic to gain access to the debate. Blogs also allow the ability to quickly counter negative opinions or actions directed toward a specific issue, and this is of particular relevance to the global LGBTQ community in countering intolerance, bigotry, and homophobia.

There is great debate about the authenticity and due diligence attached to opinions presented in a blog. Journalists and academics can view them skeptically as they question the veracity of the arguments and the lack of fact-checking. The distinguishing feature is that journalism and academia are compensated professions, whereas blogging is an interest. Nevertheless, an audience for a blog can grow rapidly and become quite influential in determining that audience's beliefs, opinions and behaviour.

There is a large community of LGBTQ bloggers. The fact they are so widespread geographically shows the ease with which individuals can enter the opinion space. As well, it is evident in this list that individuals from minority groups can develop an exposure and an audience on specific topics. Many of the bloggers on this list come from racial minority groups in addition to being LGBTQ.

For many on this list, blogging has been a stepping stone to developing a wider audience for the individual. For example, Troye Sivan of Australia has used the millions of followers of his blog to develop his singing and acting career. This is the case for many authors on the list also.

We have identified the following popular LGBTQ Bloggers. Simply click on their names to read their fascinating biographies.









Great Britain




Ivory Coast





Puerto Rico


  • Alex Au - Yawning Bread, politics and activism

South Africa


The Netherlands

United States



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