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There is quite a list of popular LGBTQ radio hosts around the world. These individuals host cultural, political, social, sports, community, and game shows. They appear on national radio networks, local community stations, or are syndicated to independent radio stations and networks. Some shows appear on networks which are dedicated solely to LGBTQ content, while others appear on diverse stations and networks.

There is a wide diversity of gender identity and sexual orientation within the industry, though there is no industry association specific to the LGBTQ community to either advance the group's interest or to network and socialize.

Several of the radio shows hosted by LGBTQ individuals are rated the tops in their field. For example, Elvis Duran currently hosts the most listened to Top 40 morning show in the United States, consistently ranking #1 across a diverse multitude of demographics and top markets. Many have received the highest awards and accolades available in the radio broadcasting industry. Some have progressed their radio hosting duties to popular podcasts.

A number of popular radio hosts have used their programs to come out publicly as LGBTQ. Those who have done so have stated the tremendous support received from listeners after coming out, with only a small amount of negative feedback reported. This shows the endearing quality of the relationship between a trusted voice and communicator on the radio with their listeners. Each has argued that the process of coming out was actually part of their evolution with the media itself.

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