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With controversy surrounding the 2014 anti-gay laws enacted in Russia (which prohibits gay propaganda aimed at children) it is worthwhile revealing the extent of LGBTQ individuals in that country, both historically and today.

As one would expect in such a hostile climate, information is sparse. However, to date we have profiled a large number of high-profile Russian individuals who have identified as LGBTQ.

Notably, the majority of these individuals come from the arts community - dancers, poets, composers, and writers. What of other fields such as science, politics, business, and sports? Undoubtedly, LGBTQ individuals exist in these communities but it is difficult for them to self-identify as LGBTQ. In fact, many of the Russians who have self-identified have been forced into exile as a result.

Do you know:

  • the award-winning LGBTQ poet who is editor of the poetry magazine 'Vozdukh'?
  • the great composer of opera's 'Boris Godunov'?
  • the great art deco designer noted for his extravagant costume designs for the Folies Bergere?
  • the great Russian promoter who introduced the Bolshoi Ballet to western audiences, and its great LGBTQ ballet dancer?

Read on for the answers:

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