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Mayoral Mace

Many LGBTQ people aspire to politics and often their first step is at the local level. Perhaps not the most glamorous of jobs – dealing with matters such as transportation, garbage pickup, local bylaws, and many social issues – being mayor deals with issues which directly affect our everyday lives.

Cities around the world with an LGBTQ mayor vary from small municipalities with only a few hundred residents to large metropolitan areas including Paris, Houston, and Berlin. While dealing with a wide variety of issues is par for the course for these individuals, no doubt issues particular to the gay community receive their due attention.

Cities with LGBTQ mayors are located in countries such as France, Germany, Switzerland, Chile, Colombia, Luxembourg, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Poland, India, Australia, Spain, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, the United States, The Netherlands, Malta, Italy, Northern Ireland, and Great Britain.

The number of LGBTQ mayors in the world is growing so quickly and has reached such an aggregate number that they are now forming working interest groups to consider policies and programs for the community. In addition, many out mayors have been the impetus behind the creation of LGBTQ commissions, coalitions, and advisory committees for the community in their towns and cities.

Many important legislative changes for the LGBTQ community occur first at the municipal level. These include anti-discrimination policies for health and housing, employment equity, equal job access, and more. Some of these legislative changes occur at the instigation of an out mayor.

Out mayors often face the ire of an intolerant public. There are several instances of violence against out politicians based on their sexual orientation.

Do you know who the world’s first transsexual mayor was and of what city? And which LGBTQ mayor of one of the world’s most famous cities survived an assassination attempt? These are important historical facts for the LGBTQ community to know about itself. Read on to find out.








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